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Case Study: Builder Capital

Antimetal Team
August 14, 2023

Builder Capital is a network of experienced founders, engineers, designers, and marketers who are committed to growing the adoption of web3. Within 5 minutes of onboarding to Antimetal, they saw over 50% savings across their EC2 spend which resulted in a significant reduction for their AWS spend.

Builder Capital was looking to reduce their EC2 compute spend without sacrificing their performance, making drastic infrastructure changes, or subjecting themselves to downtime. After looking into a variety of options, they decided to choose Antimetal due to our low savings fee, high savings rate, and speed of offloading underutilized instances.

We ran a read-only savings analysis with Builder Capital to see exactly how much they were able to save with Antimetal. This gave them a detailed breakdown of our recommendations, what the impact would be, and what the long-term savings forecast is. We also sent them a detailed breakdown of our permission set and what each permission in the IAM role was able to do so that they understood our security and approach to savings. Builder Capital was able to achieve over 50% savings 5 minutes after onboarding in January 2023 and has since only seen the savings increase over time.

The first step of the TCO process was identifying areas where Builder Capital could reduce costs without Antimetal and what their AWS infrastructure was. After we had done that, it was clear that Antimetal could significantly contribute to their AWS savings initiatives, so we performed a Savings Analysis. This allowed us to see exactly how much Builder Capital would save if they approved our recommendations, but they were still able to delete their account if they didn’t like what they were seeing. The final step was when Builder Capital decided to move forward and approve Antimetal’s savings recommendations which occurred shortly after onboarding.

Builder Capital had a team of several experienced DevOps engineers, one of that had managed over 100m in AWS spend prior. These individuals were able to give concrete customer advice on ways that we could improve the onboarding process and the customer experience.

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